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Robert Kientz

Robert Kientz began investing in gold and silver in 2009, when like the rest of the world, he realized the financial system was badly in need of a redo. The banking system was under serious pressure, the Fed’s only response was to come up with the world’s largest ever money and credit printing scheme, and finally the rest of the world began to question whether they would continue to support the US Dollar. Fast forward to today’s era of de-dollarization, and Robert believes we can clearly see the end of the fiat currency era coming into sight. That is why Robert believes it is more important than ever to focus on finding that next batch of precious metals that people will need to survive the coming economic Tsunami.

The process began with his interest in gold and silver bullion; however, Robert quickly moved into the mining equities looking for leveraged returns. As part of his research, he began attending conferences and speaking to mining companies in 2018. He made his first boots on the ground trip to see Silvercrest’s Las Chispas mine in Mexico in 2018, followed by a second visit to Northern Vertex’s gold deposit in NW Arizona. After crawling around in an underground mine in Mexico searching for silver, and then watching a fully functional above ground mill process gold in Arizona, Robert was completely hooked. Not only did he have the bug for precious metals; Robert simply had to learn everything he could about precious metals, from mining to a finished American Eagle silver coin.

Since 2018, Robert has been on numerous mining tours across North America. With that accomplishment under his belt, Robert intends to expand his search for hidden treasures and anticipates making journeys to various far-reaching mines around the world. With the U2 song “Where the Streets Have No Name” running through his head, Robert’s globe trekking search for the biggest and best gold and silver deposits is truly just beginning.


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