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Hunting Hidden Treasures seeks to explore and showcase the captivating world of mining, emphasizing its blend of science, history, and human endeavor.

Our mission is to uncover the rich mining history across global jurisdictions, highlight the stories of companies advancing the industry, and foster a deeper appreciation for mining’s significance in our daily lives.

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Our show isn’t just about the operations; it’s about the heart and soul of mining. We celebrate the people, the communities, and the relentless spirit that drives this industry.

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We believe in the power of storytelling. We profile the people, the projects, and the perils, providing a holistic view of the industry.

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Dive into the history of your mining region.
Showcase the hard work and technology driving your operations.
Share your company’s vision.
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Rediscovering the Yukon: Dawn City Gold Rush 2.0

Feedback / Reviews for Hunting Hidden Treasures Pilot Episode

Coolest infomercial I've EVER seen. White Gold Corporation and the other fella's company are actually half decent looking companies. I've worked in man-camps and while they are cool for 6 months out of the year, I dunno if I'd want that to be my profession for 40 years.Big Daddy

Sound to me like the Yukon is trying to build up its population. Love gold nothing more beautiful. Thanks for video. I myself am a history nut got my metal detector and gold pan ready to go. Only found 2.1 grams of gold but "I" found it.Rick Nelson

I’ve heard that 99% or more of the worlds gold has not been discovered!!!! I never knew what to make of it, but these new explorations prove no less!! Nice video and I am a history guy and so this video was worth my time!Gary Howard

Nicely done!! I recall trying to seek out the Lone Star Mine in the 1980s..... in a quest to document old hard rock mines. After days of getting lost and turned around on the mining trails, we finally stumbled upon it. We were greeted by two young guys who were living and working out of the old Lone Star building staking claims. They took us around to some of the workings and to see the old rock crusher buried in the thick alder brush. Fun times!!Kingpoint

Considering the Massively Increasing Value of Rare Earths, Imagine what the Klondike's Spoil Heaps will be worth in the Future. Could make the Gold Rush look like Start Up Money!!Bremner's Ghost

Very Kewl Gentlemen. This truly is the Gold rush of the current time period. WoW.Kansas Off Grid

Its what the old timers missed that will make the difference hello from Australia opal miner here.Sil Marillian

Great video. Great information. at the end of the day ,still, the only way to find gold is to get your boots dirty. would be nice to find a nugget instead of this flour .lol. have a safe day.Trapper 62

There's still gold out there that the old timers missed.Andy Grice

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